Is Your Roof Under the Weather?

Schedule rapid roof repair service by Zuniga Construction in Monroe, NC

When your roof is damaged, you can't wait for a contractor who takes forever to come around. You need someone to repair your roof quickly.

Zuniga Construction, Inc. is here to provide timely roof repair service in Monroe, NC. Call 704-258-4082 for roof repair right away.

You can count on us to repair a variety of roof types, like metal roofs and flat roofs. We can also repair components like pipe vents, chimney flashing and skylights. When you reach out to us, we'll send someone to repair your roof as quickly as possible. After roof repair service, your roof will be strong and attractive once again.

We can do more than repair your roof

We can provide more than roof repair service. If you would like to make this occasion an opportunity for roof improvements, we're well-equipped to improve your roof. We can provide additional services like skylight installation, gutter service and siding service.

Ask us about skylight installation or any of your roof remodeling ideas today.